• Integrity & Transparency
    Integrity & Transparency

    At Regent BP, we like to make it simple by keeping it fair and transparent, as well as sharp and focused. We believe that these are simple yet essential building blocks of a positive and productive environment built on trust and excellence.

  • Accountability & Sustainability
    Accountability & Sustainability

    We say yes to big goals and then figure out how to achieve them by always doing the right thing. Agility at Regent BP is about reacting quickly for customers, applying mental flexibility when we're in a tricky spot and always holding on to the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Diversity & Excellence
    Diversity & Excellence

    As an employer, we want to get know and understand you and what drives you. Regent BP helps enhance what sets you apart from the rest. For in diversity, we believe there is strength.


  • Competitive Compensation Package
    Competitive Compensation Package
    We provide opportunity to those who are driven to spread their wings with compensation as just a carrier behind it.
  • Paid Time Off Programs
    Paid Time Off Programs
    We promote work-life balance. Paid Time Off are offered on top of Government Holidays.
  • Employee Engagement
    Employee Engagement
    We always work as a TEAM. Transparency as one of our core values helps us establish a more open line of communication with everyone in the company.
  • Career Development Programs
    Career Development Programs
    Further learning is something we always do. It helps our organization be more diverse but at the same time excellent.
  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance
    While we want everyone to be worry-free, Regent also promotes a healthy-life style and preventive measures.